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Year-end stocking


Hello everyone!

It is now the end of the year. Under the economic conditions of this fast era, various challenges and opportunities are coming unexpectedly. 

I hope everyone will have a considerable number in the first half of this year to be able to fight for themselves.

Since August of this year, ocean freight has been in a period of strong increase. In January 2020.

The ocean freight price of a 40-foot container from Ningbo Port, China to Los Angeles, USA is more than 1,000 US dollars.

On August 2, 2021, the price rose to $16,000.

On August 15, 2021, this price exceeded $20,000.

And this is only the cost of shipping. In comparison, the increase in the cost of air transportation and express transportation is not as large as that of shipping, but the base is much higher.


Our company's products are mainly stainless steel plates, profiles and customized products.


This year, the price of stainless steel raw materials has risen since May, and then, like ocean freight. 

The price of stainless steel raw materials has risen to the highest level ever, and there has been a situation where it is easy to rise but hard to fall.


The Spring Festival in China this year is earlier than in the past, so there will be a period of time after the new year that it will not be available for delivery. 

At this stage, Sucelsteel’s products can give you the most favorable quotation and high-quality product services. I hope you can make an order plan in advance.


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