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Stainless Steel V-grooving


Grooving is an auxiliary process for bending and forming of metal or non-metal materials. 

V-shaped grooves are cut out with special equipment and cutters at the bending line where metal 

Or non-metal materials need to be bent to make the material easy to bend and shape. 

It can be minimized, and then use a bending machine or manual bending to form. 

This method is processed to complete and meet the product appearance requirements. 

The depth, width, and angle of the V-groove can be ensured by the feed rate and the shape of the planer during the planing process.


1. Planing V-groove processing is generally when customers have special requirements for the outer R of sheet metal parts.

And normal bending cannot reach the minimum required value. At this time, bend after grooving.

2. Sheet metal parts have a special structural size design, and grooves are required when normal bending cannot be achieved. 

For example, U-shaped structural parts, where the inner cavity size is only a few millimeters, at this time, double V grooves are used for forming.

3. Depth, width and angle of planing V-groove

The depth of the V-groove for different thickness materials is different. The specific processing data depends on the customer's product requirements.




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