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Stainless Steel Sheet&Trims On Hot Sale


Hi, say to my customers from all over the world: hello, and welcome your visit.

The price of stainless steel has been on an upward trend since May, and the price in the morning and afternoon may be very different. 

Which also causes us to bear the corresponding value risk when quoting stainless steel. 

It was not until October that the price of stainless steel tended to slow down. Until now, in November.

The price of stainless steel has dropped a lot. Due to national policy restrictions, we need to limit electricity to produce products, which will also extend the delivery period.

Our year-end holiday this year is earlier than before, when the factory will need one month of annual leave to produce products for everyone. 

In order to make the project in the coming year more smoothly.

Dear customers can take advantage of the decline in the price of the board and stock up the desired product. 

And SUCEl will also provide you with competitive prices and free samples as needed.

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