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Guangzhou Times Project

Project name: Guangzhou Times

Project location: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Metal contractor: Foshan Sucel Steel Co.,Ltd


The exterior facade adopts the ArtDeco architectural style of double-layer low-e glass, and the interior is operated by the symbiotic

 form that has won the IF International Design Gold Award, reflecting the modern and simple office space.At the same time, it is equipped 

with intelligent face recognition technology and visitor system to create a high-end corporate image. Provide safer and more convenient property 

services through intelligent park management, The interior decoration is constructed by Shenzhen Huake, and Foshan Shenghe is responsible for 

the supply of overall stainless steel facilities and materials.


                During the installation and construction of Epark image wall


     After the installation of the image wall, the logo of the Times Real Estate is spliced with coffee colored sand steel


         Front desk lobby on the first floor


     Shop Drawing of 1F Lobby



       Effect picture after installation


                The wall is made of black sand steel honeycomb stainless steel plate, which adds metal texture to the hall



               Sandtable project introduction and corporate image wall


              The elevator hall is made of black sandblasted stainless steel plate with super metal texture and classic durability



The black elements of the conference hall on the second floor are matched with soft clothes, and the cold and warm colors complement each other


Black sand faced stainless steel honeycomb panels are also used for the corridors, walls and ceilings outside the conference room, which are 

particularly eye-catching under the light rendering



     Inside the meeting room



                             Factory Processing Drawing of Wall Wall Panel in Toilet


                    The whole bathroom is made of black stainless steel


                    The background wall of the front desk is made of apple sand matt stainless steel honeycomb panel

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