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Manufacture Customzied Stainless Steel Skirting


Stainless steel skirting is a stainless steel composite decorative profile. 

The stainless steel skirting can better make the wall and the ground bond firmly, reduce wall deformation, and avoid damage caused by external collision. 

In addition, the skirting is easier to scrub. If the floor is splashed with dirty water, scrubbing is very convenient. 

In addition to its function of protecting the wall, it also occupies a considerable proportion of the beauty of the home. 

It can make the floor material and the wall have a harmonious transition, and play the role of visual balance.


When installing, it only needs to be fixed on the wall. Compared with the traditional wooden skirting line. 

The stainless steel profile is more beautiful and firm, green and environmentally friendly. 

Compared with the stainless steel skirting line made by the traditional craft, the price is low and the installation is convenient. 

This product is not only suitable for home decoration, but also suitable for applications in hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, and various public places.


In a modernist decoration style home, simple and textured decoration materials are the first choice. 

The original style marble floor is matched with stainless steel furniture and tables and chairs. 

Wood or ceramic tiles cannot always be used for the skirting, because simplicity cannot be achieved. 

The ultimate taste required. Therefore, the use of stainless steel skirting can make the overall style come down in one continuous line.

And show different texture and quality in the details.



In the field of stainless steel, stainless steel composite profiles represent; 

The concise and elegant style effectively conveys the passionate fashion atmosphere. 

It has always stood at the cutting edge of fashion with a clear flag and unlimited creativity. 

While focusing on creativity and deductive techniques, it continues its unique design. Concept, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship.

let you feel the shock and penetration of stainless steel beauty


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