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How To Install And Protect Art Antique Copper Coated Stainless Steel Sheet


Regarding the practical use of stainless steel water-plated copper plates for processing and installation


Things to note

1. Before the processing and installation process and the acceptance of the project. 

Do not tear off, scratch, or scratch the surface protective film to prevent damage to the fingerprint-free paint on the surface 

And cause oxidation and discoloration of the inner copper surface.

2. If you tear off the protective film and find that there is a slight drop of glue or accidental soiling of the surface. 

You must never wipe it with chemical agents such as toluene, acetone, alcohol, thinner, etc., 

So as not to cause fingerprint-free paint A reaction occurs, and serious consequences such as discoloration of the copper layer, 

Oxidation and discoloration occur. Just wipe gently with a clean damp towel.

3. If some installation projects must use cement and glass glue, (as little as possible or not used). 

It must be gently wiped with a wet towel before the cement is dry and solidified. 

Never wipe back and forth forcefully to prevent the cement sand from rubbing the surface. 

Injuries, scratches, and serious consequences. In case the cement has solidified, it must not be beaten with hard objects, frustrated, etc., 

As long as the protective film is torn off. When applying glass glue, do not tear off the protective film. 

Put the glass glue on the protective film. If there is glass glue on the outer surface, wipe it gently with a clean dry towel when it is not dry.

4. It is not allowed to use oxygen welding, argon arc welding, electric welding and other tools with high temperature to directly weld or cut; 

If the bending and shaping thickness is more than 1.2, the groove must be washed or planed on the reverse side; 

After removing the protective film, spray a layer of self-drying paint around the hole to protect the damaged copper layer and prevent oxidation.

5. In the process of transportation, handling, installation and use, if there is any damage to the surface, please spray it with transparent self-drying paint to protect it immediately.

6. It is strongly recommended that customers choose red bronze with more black wires and matte non-fingerprint oil 

When making stainless steel copper-plated products that are often in contact with doors, handrails, etc., so that the protection effect is better.

7. Sucelsteel Copper Plating does not assume any responsibility for all economic losses and adverse consequences caused by violation of the above matters.




                                   Regarding the Water Copper Plating Plant of Sucel Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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